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Spotlight on our Princess Cut Cultured Diamonded Necklace

Gemesis is an amazingly captivating stone and this necklace truly highlights its eye-fetching qualities. What is Gemesis?  It’s a cultured diamond, grown under the same conditions as diamonds that grow beneath the earth’s surface. A Gemesis cultured diamond possess the same physical, optical and chemical properties as its earth-grown counterparts.

This necklace in particular is a crowd-pleaser with our customers. It can be dressed down or up easily and there’s just something about it that says “Lucky” or “Special.” It’s the type of necklace that becomes very personal with use…you know, your necklace, the one you’re always happy to choose because you know how it makes you feel and the response you’ll receive.

Perfect for the arrival of Spring!

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Princess Cut Cultured Diamond Solitaire Pendant 1/3ct Princess cut solitaire diamond pendant set diagonally, hanging from a black rubber cord. Available in fancy yellow, orange, pink and blue cultured diamonds.