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Please…Jewelry this Valentine’s Day

From a reader of our blog and friend:

Dear Joe and company:

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. And I can already feel the hands of fate at work. This guy I’ve been dating, who lives about an hour from me, will send me flowers. Or worse, some weird little e-card. He’s a great guy and he’s been a very generous and kind boyfriend. But somehow it always seems to happen: I feel disappointed on Valentine’s Day.

Listen, I don’t expect much. I’m a humble sort. If a guy wanted to make me a nice dinner in honor of this day, I’d be grateful and appreciative. But an e-card? Or cold, lonely flowers?

I’ve never gotten jewelry for Valentine’s Day. And secretly, it’s always what I wanted. Why? Because I can wear it in honor of our love. It’s that simple. It’s a constant reminder that someone thought of me enough to step it up a notch and choose a piece of jewelry – very different than ordering flowers from 1-800-WHATEVER.

And I’m not even talking some big rock. I’d like a simple pendant or some sweet earrings. Even a little charm bracelet. It’s not so much an expensive piece; it’s just the thought behind it.

It’s an annoying holiday, I get that. But secretly, we all have our dreams based on what we’d like to happen. Jewelry is what I’d like to happen. I’m just saying.


Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire, we’d like to suggest this piece to your boyfriend. Affordable, romantic, simple.

main view of Round Pendant With Pave Stones
front view of Round Pendant With Pave Stones
side view of Round Pendant With Pave Stones
Style 10119-4.5mm (1/3ct)

Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace

Classic Sweetheart pave necklace with 1/5ct t.w. round brilliant stones set on an 18″ cable chain. Fits a 4.5mm (1/3ct diamond) round center stone. (setting only, does not include center stone).