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Buying Jewelry over the Internet – A Wave of the Future or Flash in the Pan?

Recently online diamond retailer sold a $300,000 diamond via its mobile application. While it may seem like the next wave in jewelry purchasing, darker implications remain. What about sales tax? Or other underhanded sales techniques that could go unnoticed when making a high-end purchase over the phone? Then of course, there’s the practical question: Are people really prepared to make such big ticket purchases via a mobile phone ap?

Blue Nile recently sold a $300,000 diamond via its mobile app, the company confirmed to JCK.

Spokesman John Baird told Internet Retailer: “While an extraordinary purchase, large jewelry purchases, running from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, via smartphones happen quite frequently.”

Blue Nile has said its mobile app drives 25 percent of the company’s traffic.

The large purchase shows the growing power of smartphones in retail. A recent survey said that some two-thirds of smartphone or tablet owners have used their devices to make purchases.

Source: JCK Magazine