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A Quick Look at Jewelry from the 50’s

Time for another jewelry lesson from Joseph Schubach Jewelers. Since we’ve been in existence for 100 years (you read that right), we’ve seen styles come and go. Interestingly, they always tend to come full circle and as the song goes, “Everything Old is New Again.” So what did the 1950’s offer in the jewelry department?


Mid-century modernism influenced this period with the use of abstract sprays of diamonds in mixed cuts, starbursts and “atomic” shapes. Textured gold dominated this decade with Florentine finishes, foxtail chain, twisted rope, braided wire, mesh, reeding, fluting and piercing. Gold jewelry without gemstones was worn primarily in the daytime, with diamond jewelry for the evenings. Amethyst, turquoise, and coral were the favorite colored gemstones while cultured pearls were gaining acceptance into day wear.

Source: Joden World Resources

(above) 1950s Handmade Sterling Silver & Natural Kingman Turquoise Brooch

(above) Demi Parure Set Thermoset Plastic Pastel Pink Blue Yellow Green Lavender Tulip Flower NECKLACE Screw Back EARRINGS with Clear Rhinestones and Gold Metal Leaf Chain

(above) Vintage Sputnik Costume Jewelry

(above) Strapless party dress with sparkling choker necklace and earrings

(above) Pearls, pearls and more pearls

(above) Our Classic Pearl Necklace, for under $300 - Single strand freshwater cultured pearls, 17" with 14kt yellow gold clasp. Click for more details.