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Delicate Jewelry – from Streisand to Aniston

A few months ago, Jennifer Aniston decided to pay homage to one of her favorite and funniest stars, Barbra Streisand. The shots are amazing but what impressed me was one particular shot that showcased Jennifer (and Babs) wearing a simple necklace, with multicolored rings hanging from it.

For the last several seasons, we have been bombarded by statement necklaces – oversized, bold and occasionally bordering on the garish. It was refreshing to see a delicate piece that seemed to enhance, ever so slightly, an average gal’s outfit (though these ladies are far from average!)

The necklace is Cartier’s Trinity necklace, which goes for about $1000. (We can make one for you at a fraction of the cost!) It features 3 intertwined circles of gold – each representing different stages in a relationship: yellow gold for friendship, pink gold for love and white gold for loyalty.