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Is your Jewelry Green?

No, we’re not talking about copper jewelry that turns green from oxidation. Eco-friendly jewelry is becoming an increasingly popular term in our world.

More and more people are become aware of the damaging effects of mining around the world. And many are opting for jewelry that has an “eco-friendly” status. But what does that mean exactly? Is your jewelry of a lesser quality?

From our website:

Are recycled metals as high quality as non-recycled metals?

Precious metals can be repeatedly recycled with no degradation in quality.

Gold and other metals are refined in order to remove impurities. Since gold and silver are elements, they are the same in the pure form, regardless of the source. There is absolutely no difference in the quality of the product you buy.

But there is a difference in how you feel purchasing recycled metals. It’s good to know that your jewelry purchase did not harm the ecosystem and you’re doing your part for this green planet!

Joseph Schubach Jewelers prides itself in our responsible, earth-friendly practices and a deep sense of community awareness. That means we care about the effect our business has on the planet.

In conjunction with the Harmony Metals program from Hoover and Strong, one of the greenest metal suppliers in the industry, we create pieces of jewelry that make you feel good on the outside and the inside!

Here’s a stunning example of an eco-friendly engagement ring made of 100% recycled material. Notice any difference? We didn’t think so:

This piece is made using 100% recycled metals and is proudly made in the USA. We strictly follow the Kimberly Process guidelines.

Eco-friendly Round Engagement Ring With Side Stones