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Fashion Week Highlights – Everyone’s a Model

Everybody is a model during Fashion Week. Of course, you have your runway models but everyone in attendance, such as celebrities, are also fodder for the tabloids and examples of upcoming trends.

According to expert Carly Wickel:

Cross pendants were a common theme at London Fashion Week, with cross styles varying from traditional to contemporary. Chunky necklaces, wide bracelets and large cocktail rings continued to be popular.

Below is a glimpse of Fashion Week at the last London Fashion Week:

Kate Moss wore a modest station necklace and a pair of diamond earrings to the Unique Fashion Show during London Fashion Week.

Mary-Kate Olsen, wearing an ornate cocktail ring on her index finger. Her ring finger holds a narrow style with curved extensions that flow over adjacent fingers.
Jennifer Saunders, wearing a turquoise bracelet and a couple of earthy-looking beaded necklaces. Her daughter wore pretty cocktail rings and slipped on a wide, black bracelet with (what appears to be) turquoise trim.
Liv Tyler wore an extra wide black cuff bracelet to the Burberry show. Emma Watson kept it simple, wearing a couple of classic rings.
Estelle wore gold drop-hoop earrings to the Pringle of Scotland fashion show.
Model and singer Agyness Deyn, wearing an oversize cocktail ring and a cross pendant on a chunky chain.