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Removing a Ring from a Swollen Finger

It’s happened to the best of: the ring went on so easily, then somehow, it doesn’t want to come off.

First, don’t panic. Fingers swell all the time for many reasons. Sometimes just waiting it out is enough. But if the panic gets the better of you, here are a few tips:

  • Lather soap all over your finger. Put your finger under warm water. Pull on it until it slips loose.

  • Envelop your finger from the ring up as tight as you can with clingy plastic food wrap. Grease up the ring and your swollen finger below the clingy wrap. Wait a couple of minutes then pull the ring and the clingy wrap at the same time.

  • Spray window cleaner on the ring. This works better than lotion because it doesn’t damage the precious stones and leaves the ring shiny when you finally get the ring off your swollen finger.

  • Wrap tape around your finger just past the ring. Leave the tape on for 30 minutes. Ice your hand while holding it above your heart for another 15 minutes. Take off the tape and spray window cleaner on your finger. Twist the ring around your finger while pulling it off.

  • Take a piece of thick string and wrap it very tightly down to the ring starting from the top of your finger. Put the end of the string under the ring then pull up slowly working up over the top of the string.

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