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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My boyfriend and I were planning a day trip to NYC to go to
Central Park and see Rockefellar Center, the skating rink and all the
Christmas decorations. He had picked where we would eat, and I picked
the date we would go up, so it was a joint effort. We took the
chinatown bus up from philly and surprisingly my boyfriend seemed to
know exactly where to go, he led us from the subway station to the
park, and we were walking through and he led me up to this beautiful
bridge called "bow bridge" in central park. I told him I loved the
bridge, it had such beautiful detail. While we were on top of the
bridge admiring the view he told me he had a surprise for me, so he
told me to turn around and close my eyes. When i turned back around to
face him, I found him down on one knee with a beautiful princess cut,
white gold, engagement ring in his hand. He asked me to marry him, and
I said yes. Little did I know that he had the ring for over a month,
and that two weeks prior to our trip, he came up with friend to scope
out the route to get to Central Park, and he came to Central Park to
find the "perfect" place to propose. After we got engaged I returned to
my mom's house where I was living at the time and another gift awaited
me…it was a wrapped, framed photograph of the bridge where we got
engaged. He picked it up when he was in NYC planning it all out. It was
a perfect day!

Melinda Fathel