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Another Gems From The Heart Story Contest Entry

My husband and I have been together for 18 years now, and I have quite a
collection of great jewelry. Even a special piece Joseph Schubach and I designed
together, and now is being sold on the web site. That would be item # 6656M, a
beautiful piece. My point is, that after all these years, and all this jewelry,
one day I mentioned to my husband that he had never actually given me a ring
himself. One that he had solely picked alone. I said this to him after he
jokingly gave me a twist tie ring, ( one of those things from a loaf of bread)
and I kept it. He asked me why I was keeping such a stupid thing as that. And
that's when I told him it was the only ring he had ever given me himself, and it
meant more to me than all the others, because it came from him alone. At first
he didn't get it, but then he must have felt kinda guilty, because this
Christmas I received a ring that he picked out all by himself, a beautiful one
at that! So no matter how many I already have, this one has some sentimental
value. The rest are just baubles, as he calls them. Beautiful baubles, I call
them!!!  But it took him 18 years to pick out a ring for me, and it may be
a small one compared to some others, but it's a start. He did good! And I still
have the twist tie one too. Thank you, Jenette