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The Hammer Finish on your Custom Design Jewelry – Is it Right for You?

The Hammer Finish – It Tells a Story


The texture of the metal on your custom design ring is an often overlooked detail. And it shouldn’t be. The metal of your ring encompasses a lot of finger real estate. And the texture of that metal can either enhance or detract from the complete look of your ring.

Hand-wrought (another term for hammered) jewelry has a particular feel to it; it speaks of the artistry behind your custom design ring. The process is done with various types of hammers (no surprise there) by strategically striking the metal with the a ball peen hammer. There are many different types of hammer finishes, from bold to subtle.

The hammer texture also has a long history so it creates a rustic, organic feel to a piece of jewelry, as if you can imagine watching the jeweler creating your piece. This age-old technique conveys the craftsmanship behind the piece (as opposed to work that is produced via computer or machine).

There’s a certain flow or wave to hammered metal look as well. When rotating the ring, the pattern moves in a visually appealing manner, giving the piece a certain aliveness that’s unmistakeable.

Is the hammered finish right for you and your custom design engagement ring (or wedding band, where it can look particularly appealing)? Only you can be the judge. But if you’re unsure, we’re happy to guide you!

Meanwhile, here’s an example:

A Platinum and OEC diamond Solitaire with Two Rose Gold Band with Hammered Finish

This is high bench crafted solitaire, so sleek and fluid, set with an amazing OEC diamond. Shown with two delicate pink sapphire and rose gold stackers, with a hammer finish.


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