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Transform your old jewelry using this easy trick!

Ready for some easy jewelry transformation? It’s just a spray can away!

No, we’re not talking graffiti art. A lot of that old junk jewelry hiding somewhere in a drawer or jewelry box could be magically transformed into fun, fanciful baubles ready to be worn again!

First: you’ll want to use high enamel paint. If you use another type of paint, you’ll need to seal your non-enamel spray paint with a product like Rustoleum Clear Gloss enamel and let it dry for 48 hours.

Second: use plastic wrap or scotch tape to cover any parts of your old jewelry you don’t want colored. This is a good idea of clasps or hooks, for instance.

Third: Clean the exposed jewelry with soap and water. You want the cleanest surface possible for your fun new color.

Fourth: Hang your jewelry to a constructed line of some sort, so it hangs like clothes would on a clothing line. This makes for an easier distribution of the paint.

Fifth: Spray away! But spray lightly, especially for the first coat. Wait about an hour then spray (again, lightly) a second coat.

Sixth: Wait. Yes, a good, long while. Enamel paint can take up to 48 hours to fully dry. But it will be worth the wait. The enamel paint forms a hard, durable coating on your fun, new(ish) jewelry!


An example of ceramic jewelry by Anne Laycock/Liverpool Design Festival.

An example of ceramic jewelry by Anne Laycock/Liverpool Design Festival.

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