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Wait…what is mokume? ( 木目金 )

Is mokume a rare mollusk found only in the waters of the Red Sea? 

Maybe mokume is a legendary beast that rises from the mountains of Japan once every hundred years?

Um…a seaweed salad with red chili on top?

Nope, mokume is a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. The word mokume literally means “wood eye metal,” a name borrowed from a type of pattern developed when forging swords and other weapons.

An ancient metalworking technique, Mokume gane (gane meaning metal) is an ancient metalworking technique where layers of precious metal are alloyed together with pressure and heat, then twisted, carved and forged to create amazing and unique patterns.

Our collection of mokume gane wedding bands are captivating, extremely well-crafted rings made to inspire. Created for couples who truly appreciate high-tiered craftsmanship, we guarantee a lifetime worth of love (for your spouse and your band!).

Lashbrook Mokume 5mm Domed with 14KR, 14KW, PD, SS Textured Beadblast

Lashbrook Mokume 5mm Domed with 14KR, 14KW, PD, SS Textured beadblast


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