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Some Off-the Beaten Path Tips for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressures on couples (to say nothing about singles). It’s hard to force romance after all.  It’s something that evolves naturally and organically, like a rose bud opening.

But with that said, we can still honor the holiday of love in simple ways that don’t require too much forced effort.

Have a romantic breakfast in bed. This one doesn’t require a ton of work and it starts the day off on the right foot (especially if you have a busy work day ahead of you). Make the breakfast a little extra special. Add some blueberries and coconut to those pancakes. Make the coffee extra delicious with a dollop of whipped cream. Then spend some time in bed actually enjoying it together.

Put a plant in the ground together. Seeds, planting, growth, reaching toward to the heat of the sun–plants naturally symbolize love in all its growth and beauty. Find a plant you both enjoy and put in the earth together, reminding each other what it represents every time you look at it.

Dare to write a  poem. Listen, nobody said it has to be good! There isn’t a woman or man out there who doesn’t like poetic words written about them. Take a little time to write something sweet but most importantly, sincere–that goes a lot further than sounding like the next Keats or Shelley.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about love, not getting it right or spending a ton of money. Simply show that significant other in your life your deepest and most profound feelings–that’s free afterall!

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