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Test your Gold Bar Knowledge

You’ve seen them before (well, at least in photos) but…

How much do you know about gold bars?

1 kg gold bar

Well just because we’re experts in custom design doesn’t mean we know either. So after a little research, we’ve discovered:

  • A gold bar (also called gold bullion or a gold ingot) is a quantity of refined metallic gold of any shape that is made by a bar producer meeting standard conditions of manufacture, labeling and record keeping.
  • Gold bars are categorized as either cast or minted (see image below), with both differing in their appearance and price. Cast bars are created in a similar method to that of ingots whereas molten gold is poured into a bar-shaped mold and left to solidify.
  • When molten gold is poured into bar shapes, it often results in malformed bars with uneven surfaces which, even though imperfect, make each bar unique and easier to identify.
  • To prevent bars from being stolen or counterfeited, manufacturers have developed methods to verify genuine bars, such as branding bars with registered serial numbers or providing a certificate of authenticity. 

If you want to learn more about gold bars, you could buy one. A 400 ounce gold bar costs more than $500,000…maybe looking at pictures is better ; )

A minted bar (left) and a cast bar (right)

A minted bar (left) and a cast bar (right)