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The Best and Worst of Birthstones (Sorry, Topaz)


Some people are just born lucky. And most probably, they were born in April with one of the best birthstones of the bunch: the beloved diamond.

On the unlucky side of birthdates, November holds the record for the least favorite birthstones: citrine and topaz. (Apparently because yellow gems aren’t considered favorable…have people gone mad?)

The history of birthstones has deep ties with the breastplate of Aaron, a sacred object worn by the High Priest of the Israelites, as a method to communicate with God. It contained twelve gemstones–topaz was on the bottom (unverifiable fact).

So birthstones have quite the lengthy history. As a matter of fact, the King James Version of the Bible contains a whopping 1,704 references to gemstones!

So for a long time, those born in April have been showered with gifts studded with diamonds…while the poor saps in November were given yet another (yawn) topaz gift.

Whatever your birthstone, we can find the high quality birthstone and create a custom design piece especially for you. Unfortunately, we don’t work with topaz (just kidding).