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Does Jewelry Make you Look Younger?

So…does jewelry make you look younger? 

No. That’s the short answer.

But you know what jewelry does do? It adorns you and makes you feel more beautiful…which can in turn make you feel younger.

Jewelry also is a form of self-care (stick with me for a second). When you decide you are a priority, you are able to gift yourself. You believe you are worthy of beautiful things. When you’re able to honor yourself to that extent, it radiates…and makes you look younger.

On a practical level, jewelry can enhance your most positive features. Those blue earrings bring out the sparkle in your eye. That blingy engagement ring  elongates and enhances your pretty hand. That necklace shows off your plunging neckline.

When you enhance your best features, guess what happens? You look younger!

Jewelry also provides a sense of history. Pieces in your jewelry box may remind you of your first boyfriend or your mom’s gift on your wedding day. When you realize the personal history behind you, you feel…okay, older.

But really, why do you need to feel younger anyway? Embracing your life as it is now provides the deepest sense of feeling good. So opt for that. Let the jewelry be the icing on the amazing cake that is you!