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How wearing an invisible crown really does make you feel better

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When I first saw this quote, I confess: it held little to no meaning to me:

Always wear your invisible crown.

It just seemed like more New Age overly simplistic self-help advice. But as a personal experiment, I tried it out for a day, chanting it internally whenever I remembered..and I was really surprised by the results.

At first, I noticed how I was walking. Shoulders slumped and head hanging a little low, I reminded myself that if I was wearing a crown, it would have fallen off my head by now! So I gently straightened myself up and walked with more boldness and grace.

Next during a heated phone altercation with my bank (don’t get me started), I decided to employ my new mantra. Within minutes, I brought my voice down and simply spoke with more authority and confidence. (The “royal” side of me doesn’t have to quarrel after all, she simple needs to firmly request.)

At the gym that evening, I didn’t feel as exhausted by my workout. (Well, actually I felt just as exhausted as any other day, but I felt like I carried it better than usual.)

So this seemingly silly bit of advice had a pleasant ripple effect. The great part? It can be used in a wide range of situations and spoken internally just about any time. Because every moment, we deserve to feel that we matter, that we are someone special and there lies within us a radiant royalty that can’t be occluded by everyday stressors.