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How Socializing brings your Jewelry to Life

A friend of our company wrote us an email we’d like to share:

“I have tons of beautiful jewelry (in part, thanks to your amazing company) but often I find it stays locked up in a jewelry box, waiting for an opportunity to be worn. Well last weekend, I had just that opportunity. I was invited to a fundraising benefit. It was a black tie affair with a 15-piece orchestra, held in a grand ballroom on a beautiful lake.

As I dressed for the evening, I found myself putting on a simple little pendant necklace of mine…one of my all-time favorites. But then I decided, no, it’s time to pull out the stops. After some experimenting, I decided on a big, sparkly “statement necklace” I had purchased several years ago. While I love it, there aren’t too many occasions I’ve had to wear it.

Well I’m so glad I did. When I walked into the ballroom that night, that necklace seemed to lead the way. I can’t tell you how many people commented on it. But more than that, it gave me this extra special social boost. Not only did it complete my outfit but it made me feel like a queen.”

Takeaway lesson: dare to wear your best (even when its not a black tie affair). Consider it a social magnet that not only connects you with others but brings out the royal in you !

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