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How to Increase your Chic Quotient at Work

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Did you know: 

Before she was Coco, Gabrielle Chanel sold wide-brimmed hats, fisherman’s sweaters, and striped beach pajamas on the seaside promenades of Deauville, France?

Outwardly, that might not seem like the chicest job in town but one can be sure: Ms. Chanel brought her own signature style to it. Undoubtedly, even then, detail and quality mattered to her, as much then as it did later in her storied career.

What’s the takeaway message?

Your style, your “chic” quotient, can be part of whatever you do for a living. Whether you’re a bartender, a traffic cop or a grade school teacher, your style can been imprinted in the way you do your work.

Let’s face it: many of us are stuck in jobs we don’t like very much. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have opportunities to showcase who we are stylistically or professionally.

Undoubtedly, Ms. Chanel brought her best game to the table, regardless of the stature of her position. She took her job seriously and saw it as an opportunity to grow and expand artistically and creatively.

How can you highlight the best of yourself at your job, even if its not perfect? What lessons can you learn? What ways can you enhance your burgeoning and evolving self? 

Sure, sometimes it takes some searching. But you’ll soon find, like Ms. Chanel, a job is just another chance to become your best self possible.