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What is a faceted gem?


Before investing in a custom engagement ring, we encourage all of our customers to truly understand the terminology first. This provides a more informed decision…and a happier customer.

So what is a facet? 

Facets are flat planes seen on most transparent gemstones. These geometrical arrangements contribute to the reflection of light both internally and externally, maximizing the fire and brilliance of the stone.

Interestingly, gem faceting is a fairly new process. Simple facets first appeared in European jewelry in the late 13th and early 14th century. Prior to that, gemstones were used as cabochons (or “cab” for short). Cabs are stones that are highly polished, generally rounded (or convex on the top) with a flat base.

Tip: When examining a faceted gem, take some time to look at the junctions (the meeting point of two facets). A well-cut stone will exhibit junctions that are clean, crisp and come together at a single point. These junctions can affect the gem’s overall brilliance.