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Breaking out of your Jewelry Rut

If you’re like me, you have a jewelry box packed with goodies…but you tend to where the same items every day. In my case, its gold hoop earrings (two sizes: one smaller pair and the other my oversized “disco” pair for dressing up and going out).

But what about all of the other beauties in my jewelry box? What about new pieces I wouldn’t dare to wear except for that “one occasion”?

With Spring on its way, I decided it was time to break the chains!

First, I cleaned out my jewelry box. I donated several items that had seen its day (goodbye mood ring) and arranged the items neatly in the box. This way, the appearance of my collection became more inviting and less…well, messy.

Second, I decided within one week I would wear one of those “only for the special occasions” pieces. I chose a statement necklace with layers of brightly colored baubles on it. That special occasion? Going shopping with my friends. The takeaway? Don’t wait for that special occasion: today is that special occasion.

Third, I added to the collection with a spring item. (Nothing breaks the rut like buying something new, right?) My green and yellow hoop earrings are a fun and bold replacement for my traditional hoops. They also help me usher in a new season with a more updated look.

So there you go: simple steps to break out of your jewelry wearing rut. All it requires is a little spring cleaning, risk-taking and chain breaking.