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Round versus clawed prongs – which is less likely to snag?

The devil is in the detail. Nowhere is this more true than creating a custom made engagement ring where every aspect is examined. The choice of prongs for your engagement ring is no different.

First let’s establish one point: the choice of your prongs is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong direction, just a visual determination as to how the prongs enhance the overall look of the ring and (equally important, of course) keep your gem safe.

For some, claw prongs are considered less obvious than rounded prongs. They occupy the least amount of surface area so many believe the gem is visually highlighted more successfully. Claw prongs tend to work best on oval, round, radiant and emerald cut diamonds. This choice might be also be a good one for step cuts and cushions.

For others, round claws can be equally visually appealing (some say a “softer” appearance) and provide a critical benefit: they don’t snag as easily. If your lifestyle is such where this may be a consideration, we suggest either finding an older ring or buying a cheap ring with claws. Wear it for a week and go about your life. Did the claws interfere in your activities in any way? If so, round claws might be the way to go.

Still confused? Ask one of our team members. We specialize in creating pieces that work ideally for you and your lifestyle!