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How to prevent the dreaded jewelry rash


You know it when it happens. That red circle around your finger when you remove your favorite ring. Or that itchy sensation around your neck after donning that seriously cute costume necklace.

Jewelry rash erupts whenever certain metals react with certain skins. More than just itchy, skin irritation from jewelry can discourage you from wearing that piece of jewelry…and that’s a fashion crime!

Our advice?

Invest in high quality jewelry.

There. We said it.

Jewelry rash is most commonly caused by cheap jewelry (mainly because of the nickel contained within it). And while we love the fun of costume jewelry like everyone else, we much prefer good jewelry that lasts longer and irritates less.

Affordable jewelry often has a coating that prevents irritating nickel from causing a reaction. But that coating wears off eventually. In the case of high-quality jewelry? No chipping or wearing away. And no irritation.

The takeaway? While we’d love to tell you to buy whatever jewelry strikes your fancy, when it comes to allergic skin reactions, you’re better off investing in solid jewelry built to last a long, long time instead.