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Getting to Know Citrine (November’s Birthstone)

Okay, okay…we’re getting to this a little late. We’re midway through November and just now addressing its beautiful gemstone, citrine. Well actually, topaz is considered November’s primary birthstone but since citrine and topaz look so familiar, they’re often confused.

Citrine is a variety of crystalline quartz and range in color (yellow to red-orange). It was often considered a lesser-than gem due to its over abundance.

But in the last few decades, this gem has increased in status. This is mainly due to the fact that fashion trends have consistently focused on earth tones and citrine pairs so nicely with that color family.

As usual in the gemworld, shade matters. Less intense colors fall into the lower range of value (pale or smoky citrine, for instance) whereas the most desired gems are richly saturated (yellow, orange and reddish).

Citrine is commonly referred to as  the“healing quartz,” because legend has it citrine promotes energy and vitality in whomever wears it. Citrine also helps foster wealth and abundance.