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The Early History of Chokers


Degas “Dancer onstage with a bouquet,” circa 1878

Sure, we see them on the runway but did you know the history of chokers extends way back? That’s right, the simple choker has seen a vast history that keeps it trending to this day. Technically a necklace, you’ll find the choker throughout Chinese, Native American, Indian, and Egyptian cultures.

Take the French Revolution:

Women took to wearing red ribbons around their necks to pay homage to those who met their death at the guillotine. The ribbon could be worn around the neck, or another fashion came in the form of an X around the shoulders and back. [Source: Buzzfeed]

The choker become increasingly popular in the late 1800’s where fashionable ladies, ballerinas (as depicted in the Degas image above) and even prostitutes donned them (a black choker often signified a “lady of the night”).

Initially chokers were often simple cloth but that morphed into new material such as luxe diamonds, pearls, lace and velvet. They were frequently custommade (which we love!) so they fit just right (because a droopy collar just won’t do).

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