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Jewelry as an Armor Against Stress?


We understand the complicated and multi-layered psychological aspects of jewelry. Our clients have deep attachments to the pieces we design, and we get why. When every aspect of a design is imbued with specific meaning and attached to deep feelings of love and commitment, it becomes more than just jewelry.

This latest New York Times piece postulates that jewelry may even be used as a form of protection against stress.

Since President Trump’s inauguration in January, Pamela Love has received more requests for pieces from her Dagger jewelry collection than anytime since its introduction almost a decade ago. And Ms. Love, a New York-based designer, has no doubts about why her retailers and social media followers have renewed interest in the fierce-looking, but harmless, miniature daggers dangling from earrings and necklaces.

“Women want to feel tough,” she said. “They want something that reminds them they are tough, and they want something that shows the world they are tough. It’s not about violence. It’s about feeling strong and protected.”

Do you agree? Do you wear jewelry as a form of stress relief or protection?