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The Beauty and Delicacy of a Paisley Eternity Band

Undoubtedly, somewhere in your wardrobe, you have a paisley pattern. Whether its a blouse, a blazer or a bandana, we’re all familiar with the pattern. But what is it exactly?

According to Wikipedia:

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian (i.e. Iranian) origin. Such designs became very popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, following imports of post-Mughal versions of the design from India, especially in the form of Kashmir shawls, and were then imitated locally.

More specifically, the paisley pattern resembles “a lotus, a mango, a leech, a yin and yang, a dragon, and a cypress pine. Ancient Babylonians likened it to an uncurling date palm shoot.” [Slate]

Any symbol that stands the test of time often signifies deep ties in our collective unconscious. In the case of the eternity band below, the paisley pattern signifies a “time of harvest and spiritual significance. Paisley is an art form representing the totality of life within a drop. Fertility, creation, abundance, all of what is necessary to bring something into being.” []

Sounds perfect for a wedding band!