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Measuring your wrist size…the right way

As more of us move toward ordering jewelry online, we run particular risks. Of course, its critical to find a trustworthy jeweler with an impeccable reputation (have you seen our reviews lately?).

Also important? Finding a piece of jewelry that fits properly. Sure, you can work with most jewelers to adjust the size but isn’t it great when you get it right the first time? It saves you time, money and hassle.

This great little article in Sundrop Jewelry details the perfect way to size your wrist:

  1. Measure your wrist: Take a flexible measuring tape, strip of paper, or piece of string, and wrap it around your wrist below the wrist bone where you would normally wear a bracelet.
  2. If you used a strip of paper or string, mark it where the end meets.  Then measure it with a ruler.  (If you don’t have a ruler, print out your own at
  3. This is your wrist size.  But don’t order just yet!  If you bought a bracelet that was exactly the same length as your wrist size it would be too small – you need a little slack to account for the thickness of the beads, and to fasten the clasp.
  4. To find your bracelet size, you have to add a little more length.  Depending on the fit you desire, add this to your wrist size:
    • Snug fit – add 1/4” to 1/2″
    • Comfort fit – add 3/4” to 1″
    • Loose fit – add 1” to 1 1/4″