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The Best Engagement Ring Metal for Sensitive Skin

Your ring is going to be close to you for a long time. Why not make sure its a perfect fit for your skin type? Each ring metal has its own specific composition, meaning the metal may or may not irritate your skin.

First, what to  avoid (according to

  • If you are allergic to nickel, brass, or copper avoid jewelry that is most commonly made with this type of metal, including costume/fashion jewelry. Opt for higher quality fine jewelry instead. Fine jewelry has higher price tags, but it is made to last!
  • Avoid metal alloys (which contain a mixture of two or more metallic elements) as they may trigger a similar reaction. Metal alloys include stainless steel, rose-gold, and to the surprise of many people – white gold! Plated jewelry also involves the use of mixed metals, so make sure to check the label thoroughly before purchasing.

We always like platinum for its naturally hypoallergenic properties but here are some other metal suggestions if you have sensitive skin: