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Why Split Shank? That is the Question…

Okay before we get into the whys of a split shank, let’s take a moment to look at one of our latest pieces, shall we?

Sweet, isn’t it? And split shanks are increasing in popularity. Why?

Well megastar Beyonce may have helped matters with her  off the hook engagement ring.

The diamond is an emerald cut; it hugs her finger on a delicate split-shank platinum band.

Shanks can be twisted, woven or just plain metal. Often you’ll see pave diamonds on the shank, but that’s not always the case. Some come together at the back of the ring, though some maintain the split all the way around. The center stone is generally very secure in this type of setting, so its a good choice for a larger stone.

Split shanks are also unique and leaves more room for individual touches in custom design.

We love custom designing split shank rings so if you’re not convinced, call our studio and we’ll extol their virtues even more!