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Drew Barrymore Trades out Wedding Ring for Message Ring

What to do with that awkward empty space on your finger after a divorce? Many are happy to have a blank canvas for a while but in the case of Drew Barrymore, as an artist, she decided to replace the space with something creative:

The actress, who recently revealed that she’s divorcing husband Will Kopelman after nearly four years of marriage, has decided to ditch her wedding ring and rock a new accessory on that finger. And it’s not just any random piece.

Barrymore was honored at the ASPCA’s 19th annual Bergh Ball last night in New York, and while holding her award, we noticed that a nice blue and gold ring has replaced her diamond. The new ring is a 14-carat gold and blue enamel piece with words, “Qu’Hier Que Demain,” which is a portion of the French phrase meaning, “More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow.”

Source: Mashable

Drew Barrymore