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Lightening up the Groom this Spring 2016

When you think groom at a wedding, undoubtedly you see him dressed like this, right?

But since Spring is bursting onto the scene, grooms are now encouraged to think outside the standard black tux or suit.

Why not, right? If a bride is wearing the most expensive dress of her life, shouldn’t a groom kick it up a notch a little?

2016 wedding trends are displaying more and more men in colorful (or white) wear for their big day. And we couldn’t be happier. We love Spring weddings draped in color and embracing the beauty of the season or the rich vibrancy of their surroundings. Here are some great examples, found in Bridal Guide.


seersucker suit for the groom

Photo Credit: Allyson Wiley Photography


outdoor wedding with a crystal chandelier

Matching the backdrop perfectly. Photo Credit: Victor Sizemore Photography

A casual, beachy look for the groom. Found at Alicia’s and the Formal House.