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Our Jewelry Highlights from the Grammy’s

Well, we were so bowled over by Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie that we struggled to break free and actually look at the other celebrity jewelry donning the Grammy’s red carpet (though did you check out Lady Gaga’s moon globe rings?).

Here are two of our award winners of the night….


Underwood wearing her Valentine’s present from her husband (who designed the necklace with famed jeweler Jonathan Arndt). 48 carats of Burmese rubies and both white and yellow diamonds. The necklace received the name “The Heartbeat Ruby Necklace with the Firefly Yellow Diamond.”


Demi Lovato wore a dazzling diamond pendant valued at over 2.4 million dollars from Movawad Jewelry. Lovato also wore a $500,00 diamond ring and earrings from Leticia Linton.

Source: People