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Making the Best of What God Gave You

We live in a world that keeps us in constant state of focusing on our negatives. And for good reason: when we feel “less than”, we tend to spend money on fixes, whether its a fad diet or new make-up or the latest fashion.

But when we take a second to realize that the marketing world thrives off of our insecurities, we stand a chance of breaking free and looking at ourselves from a whole new perspective, based on reality, not Photoshop!

So take a moment today to focus on your positive physical attributes. (No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, you can undoubtedly come up with a few aspects about you that make you proud!) Come up with three. Maybe its your pronounced cheekbones or your pale blue eyes. Or your latest funky hairstyle or your pretty, tapered hands. Maybe its your smile or the way you walk.

Now here’s the hard part: extend that self-pride to other parts of yourself. Imagine embracing your non-washboard abs or the laugh wrinkles around your eyes. Envision celebrating a scar well-earned or decidedly imperfect teeth.

Life is short. And we’re all imperfect. But guess what? It’s in that imperfection that beauty lies, if we let it.

Today, remember…