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The Enticing Beauty of a Natural Blue Diamond

Fancy Light Blue Diamond Ring 3.55 carat
Yes, Virginia, blue diamonds really do exist. But not many. To qualify as a real blue diamond, the stone must be found in nature with this hue. (An enhanced blue diamond has been treated with heat or chemicals.)

Sotheby’s recently had the honor of auctioning off this stunning 3.55 carat ring:
According to Naturally Colored:

A truly gorgeous platinum ring. As often seen with diamonds of this caliber, platinum is used instead of white gold.

The blue pear is surrounded with round pink diamonds weighing approximately 0.25 carat that seem to be emphasizing the beautiful and pure blue color of the diamond.

The price estimation is around $500,000. If we place the setting aside, this means approximately $140,000 per carat. An impressive price tag for a fancy light blue.