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5 Big Trends in Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is one of the three precious metals, the strongest, and has the longest shelf-life. The world’s supply of platinum is very limited, making it the most expensive metals. It’s also seeing a substantial resurgence in the jewelry world. According to National Jeweler:

1. Classic Bridal à la Mad Men: Inspired by TV phenomenon Mad Men, classic dressing and classic engagement ring styles from bygone eras, including the 1960s, are back. Who encapsulates the look? Think timeless celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, or their modern equivalents such as Beyoncé or Natalie Portman.

In terms of engagement rings, classic options range from a simple polished platinum setting with a solitaire diamond, or a vintage-inspired style with filigree.

“But classic doesn’t have to mean simple,” says Heather Zachary Rogoff, manager of public relations for Platinum Guild International USA in New York. “The recent engagements of Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman, both of whom received platinum rings, is a perfect example of two classic women who chose very different, but classic engagement ring styles.”

Portman’s ring exemplifies the popular “halo look,” with a round solitaire surrounded by a double halo of diamonds, while Witherspoon’s classic platinum ring is an Ashoka diamond set in a platinum and diamond band.

“These looks will undoubtedly set a trend for engagement ring styles in 2011,” predicts Zachary Rogoff.

2: Colored Stone Brides: The runways are filled with colorful fabrics featuring exaggerated movement, volume and ruffled detailing, and the fanciful hues in apparel appear poised to captivate the bridal jewelry market. Brides-to-be are seizing the trend with engagement rings set with colored stones such as sapphire, ruby and citrine—and the natural white hue of platinum helps these true jewel tones pop.

3. Full-bloom Engagement Rings: In 2011, expect to see engagement rings with a variety of floral motifs inspired by the 1970s. Whether the design consists of “petals” surrounding the center diamond, or the floral motif is part of the band, much of this intricate detailing can only be accomplished in platinum. This style is ideal for brides-to-be who prefer romantic looks.

Above: Floral-inspired engagement rings, like this one by Mark Schneider, set in platinum, are a budding trend; suggested retail price is $4,200 for the semimount.

4. Tennis bracelet Redux: Popular since the 1980s, “tennis bracelets” set in platinum are hot again among Hollywood’s most fashionable crowd, with actresses Rachel McAdams, Amy Adams, Claire Danes, and Penelope Cruz among those hitting the “courts,” with these classic pieces, which are so easy to dress up or down. Platinum is a choice setting for tennis braclets, because of its durability, its ability to hold gems more securely and its white color, which looks just right with diamonds. Let’s not forget the slimming effect of wearing a symmetrical pattern of diamonds on your wrist. The latest twist: For extra glamour, stars are piling on multiple tennis bracelets with different diamond cuts.

5. Clustered Up: Instead of same-old, same-old diamond studs, one of the latest looks in earrings is diamond clusters, a look favored by A-listers including Demi Moore, Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Garner. The clusters sit right on the ear and feature two or three diamonds: punchier and more elegant than just one.

Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes atop the Eiffel Tower with this five-carat Edwardian style oval cut solitaire diamond ring with pave detail. The ring is set in platinum and rose gold and is estimated to have cost $250,000.

Kate Winslet sparkled in a Tiffany & Co platinum and yellow diamond pendant (19 carats total), platinum and yellow diamond drop earrings (ten carats) and three platinum and yellow diamond bracelets.

Kathy Bates is wearing a platinum and rough diamond necklace (61.48 carats total), platinum and rough diamond earrings (56.59 carats total), and three stacked platinum and rough diamond bangles (54 carats total)

Above: Floral-inspired engagement rings, like this one by Mark Schneider, set in platinum, are a budding trend; suggested retail price is $4,200 for the semimount.

The new generation of diamond tennis bracelets includes this one by Steven Kretchmer, set in platinum, which retails for $30,200.