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The Magic of 140 Roses


This heartwarming video reminds us of the power of a generous gesture. Today may we all attempt to lift the weight off of anther’s shoulders and add beauty to the world whenever we can.

After nearly two years, a heartwarming video that shows a woman selling flowers in the New York City subway for $1 each is finally getting the attention it deserves.

A man inquiring about the roses figures out that the woman has 140 flowers. “So I’ll give you $140,” the man says, adding: “But you gotta do me a favor, you have to give them out.”

“Don’t sell any of them, give them all away,” the unknown man says. The woman starts to cry, but the man insists, “Today is a happy day.”

After the woman promises to give the flowers away and the two briefly shake hands, the man walks away. The woman can barely contain her tears.

“Free roses! Help me out, guys,” the woman says as fellow commuters laugh.

The video was originally posted to a YouTube account in 2013, but it started receiving attention after it was posted to Reddit.

Source: Mashable