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The Spiritual Properties of Diamonds

According to the spiritually-inclined, precious stones hold power. Some are meant to heal, others to protect, etc. Even if you’re not that “New Agey” it doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it? We wear certain pieces of jewelry because we feel it not only looks good, but offers up a certain feeling…and maybe that feeling is coming from the stone or the metals.

Here’s what GemsandMineralsDiva have to say:

Diamonds amplify energy and never need recharging. They are like apartments with free electricity, but prettier. Diamonds increase the energy of whatever it comes into contact with and when paired with other crystals, the healing is amped up.

Diamonds are like Malachite, however and need to be cleansed often. Both Diamond and Malachite enhance all energy including negative energy. Smudging a Diamond with white sage or even washing your hands often (for those who wear diamond rings) will help fix that.

Diamonds will plug all holes in your aura, cleanse your aura of anything blocking your inner light and help your true divine soul’s light sparkle. It’s a gem for the Crown Chakra and links it to divine light and love.

Worn as earrings, Diamonds protect against cell phone vibes.  Diamonds also clear emotional and mental pain while stimulating your creativity.

Being a symbol of wealth, Diamonds attract abundance and like Citrine, help you to adapt to thinking on the level of abundance.