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Pearls Gone Wild!

Match up two well-known designers, give them the theme of pearls, and watch magic happen!


Ever since Chanel and Dior reimagined pearls with a modern update, what was traditionally your grandma’s hand-me-down has taken on a new life. But how do you ride that fine line between making a cutting-edge statement but still sticking with a a time-honored investment piece? Let’s ask the designer, Ariel Gordon and Shopbop’s fashion director (and total style crush) Elle Strauss.


Ariel Gordon and Shopbop’s Elle Strauss (they’re also good friends)

What’s your advice in buying a pearl piece that’s edgy enough but still an investment piece? So you could hand it down to your granddaughter?
AG: My take on fine jewelry is: Instead of buying the $25 necklace here, the $75 necklace here, the $30 piece here, if you saved up your money for a couple of months, you’d have enough to buy the real thing. And because it’s fine jewelry, it’s going to last you and it’s going to be a piece that you can pass down to your kids.
ES: I think in terms of what sort of piece you choose, I would go with a ring every time.

Elle layered two of the rings that meshed seamlessly in with her wedding band and engagement bling on the same hand. Such a modern classic!

Here’s a closer look at the Ariel Gordon x Shopbop collection: