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Mana Bernades and Her Amazing “Trashy” Jewelry

“Multimedia artist and designer Mana Bernardes finds pure poetry in the flotsam of our lives and consequently is able to incorporate seemingly unusable materials such as PET bottles, phone cards, toothpicks, hair clips, plastic netting, pearls, silver, and gold into Mana’s handcrafted collection. She has also joined forces with community education social projects at the Museum of Rio de Janeiro and the European Design Institute of Sao Paulo, where she works with teenagers and students teaching jewelry making and entrepreneurial design skills.”


Mana Collection ‘Spatial Card’ necklace made of Recycled Phone Cards and Plastic Magnet Latch The Mana Collection by TOUCH

  1. Clasp Necklace: bobby pins
  2. Medallion Bic: Bic Pens
  3. Spatial Necklace: plastic, fishing line
  4. Bead Necklace: marbles and nylon packaging (US produce often comes packaged in colored mesh)
  5. Space Dog Collar: plastic bottles
  6. Band Night: safety netting for wine bottles, beads
  7. Fan Necklace: bamboo sticks, beads
  8. Only Home Necklace: surgical needles, beads
  9. Band Clothesline: inside of rope material, beads