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Can our Curved Round Journey Pendant Guide you to a Better Life?

What if life worked from the outside in? What if changing the color of the walls around you invited  new change into your life? What if wearing a bright pink blouse brought you romance and just the right kind of attention?

What if you needed guidance and wore our Curved Round Journey Pendant necklace for assistance? What if, each time you wore it, you were able to see your life’s journey more clearly? Or what if wearing it reminded you, during rough times, that life has all sorts of twists and turns but is beautiful nonetheless.

People have worn “lucky charms” since the beginning of time. That’s because jewelry can have magical powers…if you believe.




main view of Curved Round Journey Pendant

Style 10053

Curved Round Journey Pendant

Seven stone curved journey pendant with 1ct t.w. round brilliant stones set on an 18″ cable chain.