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H.H. Updated Style 7500 Video

“Joe,  i am in the middle of pre algebra with the kids right now so I couldn’t call……BUT LOVE THE RING!!!!!!!  It is so beautiful!!  it looks great on my hand!  I will have to take a pic and send it to you!  Anywhere I can write a review for your store?  I am so happy and glad I pursued you with a follow up phone call!!!  Love the earrings too!  Not sure about the sapphire..I probably should have gotten it bigger, but that is ok…it is an occasional ring.  I am sure without a doubt that this ring on my finger will received many compliments!!  I can’t wait to show it off!  Maybe it will bring me good luck in Vegas!!! If I hit it big, I will let you know!


An updated version of our style 7500 with diamonds going completely underneath the center stone!