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Jewelry Storage Tips

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful collection of jewelry but its either tangled or can’t be found easily. If you’ve invested in jewelry, its certainly worth the investment in time to make sure its stored easily. Take note of these easy steps. Remember: a stich in time prevents necklace entanglement!

* Jewelry should be stored the way that it’s worn to keep it from getting tangled or nicked, and so you can easily see what you have. For example, hanging necklaces and earrings. For creative hanging options, read Creative Jewelry Storage.
* Don’t rest pieces on top of one another or jostle together (especially pieces with delicate details or stone settings). If you must stack for space, simply place a square of good quality, wool felt between each piece to prevent them from rubbing against one another.
* Think about storing silver pieces in small plastic zip top bags. Include an anti-tarnish strip (available for a small cost at jewelry stores) and change out the strip every 6 to 9 months to maintain the silver.
* Keep jewelry out of humid spaces like the bathroom, and areas where the temperature fluctuates.
* Avoid storing in cardboard boxes and keep costume jewelry away from oak to prevent damage from fumes that escape from the wood.