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The Best Jewelry for Travel

Sitting at the airport, I can’t help but notice jewelry. What do people wear when they’re traveling? What have they brought with them? It got me thinking about some general rules to follow so your trip is stress-free and safe:

  1. Choose pendants that can be easily attached, such as those with a magnetic bail.  The magnetic bail makes it a snap (no pun intended) to add and remove the pendant.
  2. Take a brooch that can serve double duty as a pendant when it’s not being used as a pin.
  3. For flexibility, take necklaces and bracelets in a neutral color.  Pearls are great for this purpose.  They can be worn with almost any color and combined easily with many other necklaces.
  4. Select pieces that complement each other.  Look for an element that is common to both such as a specific stone, bead color or style.
  5. Take items that can be easily and efficiently packed.  Elasticized cuff bracelets, for example, are great for travel.  They’re comfortable, don’t get in the way as you handle luggage, and can be flattened for packing.
  6. Bring a couple of dressy pieces that can be worn in the evening.  For instance, replace a more casual pendant with an elegant one to create an evening look.

Source: My Far & Away Itineraries

Remember: leave your good jewelry at home. Its not worth the risk of possible theft or loss and you can still look good without those precious pearls!

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