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Concrete Jewelry for the Modern Age by Frank Gehry

Architecture and jewelry design seem distinctly related. Both require bold, imaginative thinking, a sense of structure and flow and a final result that should wow the viewer. So it’s no surprise that world-renowned architect Frank Gehry could combine elements of his work and create amazing, distinctive pieces that usher in a new world of jewelry design. Undoubtedly we’ll see jewelry making continue in this vain, where artists are inspired by more accessible, eco-friendly or urban material as their source and the look breaks aesthetic boundaries.

Frank Gehry takes one giant leap in this direction and continues to earn his reputation for creating “beauty without rules” with a collection of jewelry constructed of concrete.

According to Pursuitist:

The collection comprises bangles and rings in Gehry’s signature torque design that echoes the twists and gently curved surfaces of his architectural triumphs. In a light gray hue and lined with sterling silver that is ridged like “rebars” which reinforce masonry structures, the jewelry takes on dynamic new expression, reflecting the kinetic rhythm and spontaneity of Gehry’s sketches and models.

“For me, design is about the process,” Gehry said. “Sketching and shaping three-dimensional models and conceptualizing different possibilities—this is the essence of creating, whether in architecture or jewelry.”