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Rediscover Old Pieces of Jewelry

A client told us about an experience she had not too long ago that went something like this:

She really wanted a new piece of jewelry. She hadn’t purchased something new in years. Unfortunately she and her husband were going through a trying financial time and simply couldn’t justify a new purchase. So she sat down with her jewelry box and dumped the contents on the bed. She spent a good deal of time untangling necklaces and matching earrings, finding the correct backings. She put aside pieces she no longer wore and readied them for a local thrift store. She arranged her jewelry properly, for easy, no-tangle access. She cleaned a few necklaces for a much needed shine.

And what did she find? That she had a forgotten treasure chest in her very own jewelry box.

What pieces do you have that you’ve forgotten about? What about a jewelry makeover for older pieces that you’ve always loved but need a new and improved look? Here’s a great example.