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Moissanite in the Sunlight

As big proponents of moissanite, we also understand people’s hesitation. What exactly is it and will it hold a candle to a real natural diamond?

Moissanite  is an amazing stone that resembles a diamond in nearly every sense. To the naked eye it appears just as, if not even more, brilliant than it’s expensive natural counterpart. In a simple traditional thermal probe, this stone even shows up as a diamond. When it comes to the moissanite vs. diamond battle, test yourself and you will see it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. No scratching or buffing ever and the stone will never turn cloudy or dull.

Moissanite is so durable, it’s nearly as hard as a diamond. While a diamond score a 10 on the hardness scale, moissanite comes in just below at 9 1/4. In fact, it’s harder than sapphire or ruby. When you shop our moissanite rings on sale, you never have to worry about them scuffing or scratching – just like a natural diamond.

This great video illustrates on of moissanite’s strongest points: it’s amazing sparkle.