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Whiter, Brighter Moissanite, Available Soon

We have espoused the virtues of moissanite for years now. Not only is it superior diamond simulant, but its ecologically sound. The great news? Moissanite just got that much better. We should have these wonder gems in within the next month, so send us an email or check back for more news:

Charles & Colvard, Ltd., the sole manufacturer of created moissanite gemstones, has partnered with Serenity Technologies, Inc., a laboratory for gemstone enhancements, to create whiter and brighter gemstones. The company is introducing these enhanced gemstones as “FOREVER BRILLIANT™,” a new premier brand of Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®.

Handpicked and polished moissanite is enhanced, through a proprietary process by Serenity Technologies, which can make each stone up to four color grades whiter on the Gemological Institute of America’s near-colorless spectrum.

“As a former jewelry retailer, I recognized the importance of being able to market a whiter gem and sought to provide one since joining Charles & Colvard,” says Randy N. McCullough, CEO of Charles & Colvard, Ltd.

“While moissanite can easily withstand very high temperatures and its covalent bonding, similar to diamond, allows it to withstand very high pressures, moissanite crystal does not respond to HPHT treatments in a fashion similar to Type IIa (virtually nitrogen-free) diamonds that can become near colorless after such treatments,” says Dr. Suneeta Neogi, president of Serenity Technologies, Inc.

“Serenity has developed a radically different proprietary process of whitening moissanite that greatly improves the color and brilliance of moissanite without any residual negative effects.”

Each “FOREVER BRILLIANT™” stone will be accompanied by a Charles & Colvard certification and laser inscribed on the girdle for easy identification.


main view of Round Moissanite Oval Cluster Design Necklace Style 10365MS


Save 30% Now!! Round

Moissanite Oval

Cluster Design


Oval cluster pendant with approximately

1 1/3ct t.w. (dia equiv)

Charles and Colvard created round moissanite set on an 18″ cable chain. Available in 14kt white gold only.

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