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Fall Colors for 2011 – Jewelry and Beyond

It’s here. Well, it’s almost here. Fall, that is. This year, the colors for fashion and jewelry are a blend of “sensible and spirited.” Here’s more:

The season will contrast brighter-than-usual warm colors against versatile neutrals.

Here are the 10 Pantone colors for Fall 2011:

Fashion Color Trends Fall 2011 – from Pantone

Top row, left to right: Phlox (a deep purple), Orchid Hush (gray with orchid undertones), Deep Teal (a watery blueish green), Quarry (a cool medium gray), and Cedar (a midtone neutral green).

Bottom row, left to right: Nougat (a warm tan), Emberglow (bright warm orange), Bamboo (warm yellow with greenish undertone), Coffee Liqueur (rich creamy brown), and Honeysuckle (Pantone’s “color of the year” for 2011).

If you’re designing jewelry, here are two great ways to use this seasonal color information:

1) You may want to use the Fall fashion colors for 2011 in your jewelry designs.

2) Or you may prefer to use colors that will contrast / coordinate with this palette – since many of our customers’ new outfits will likely have these Pantone colors in them.

Source: Jewelry Business Blog